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means Circular Fashion in Esperanto. 
An universal language, exactly as Circular Fashion must be. 

Sustainable Fashion & Circular Economy unified
to create a common language of responsibility, abundance and prosperity.


Cirkla Modo is an independent consultancy for sustainable & circular fashion acting in the European Union, created to foster the shift towards the implementation of related circular economy principles.

Supporting clients on the identification and development of innovative ideas on design strategies & business models, as well as bringing further the circularity of fashion in collaboration with educational institutions and initiatives, Cirkla Modo aims to contribute for a no-waste, responsible, and prosperous fashion world.

Some of Cirkla Modo's services are:


To explore, develop and implement tailored strategies in design, communication and business models towards a more circular approach in fashion, for brands and designers.


To research and evaluate new materials, techniques, technologies and partners which can be relevant to your circular fashion project.


To develop courses, workshops, speeches and articles about the circularity of fashion and its many façades - for brands, educational institutions and different media channels.

Curious to know how does #CircularFashion work for you?



Alice is the founder of Cirkla Modo! An active professional in the fashion field since 2001, with international experience, from Brazil to China.

She started its professional education in Fashion Industrial Manufacturing at Senai Porto Alegre/Brazil, graduated Bachelor in Fashion Design at Style Design College in Milan/Italy, and concluded a Master in Sustainability in Fashion at the International University Esmod Berlin/Germany, With strong focus on the cyclability of fashion, Alice's master project "Further-textile rebirth catalyst", explored the upcoming process of chemical recycle of cellulose materials - as cotton fabrics or even paper - into regenerated high quality textile fibres as base for a capsule collection which attends to continuous cycles. It reduces waste thus landfilling, reduces water, chemicals, and energy needs, as well as production stages, and dependency on primary raw materials. The collection was presented as circular fashion alternative in events and platforms from South America to Asia.

As a #CircularFashion Change Agent, she works in a vary of projects, supporting different clients in the EU towards betterments. 

Alice is also co-founder of ES-fashion, developing sustainable and circular fashion projects in Brazil.